Department of Accounting and Finance

Professor Dr. Kiymet Tunca Caliyurt, CPA, CFE,

graduated from Beşiktaş Atatürk High School (BAAL) in 1986 and from Marmara University, Faculty of Business Administration in 1990.

In 1994, she received her master's degree from Marmara University, Social Institute, Accounting, and Finance Program. Her thesis title is "Accounting System in IATA Tourism Agencies" Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Osman Altuğ.
In 2002, she graduated from Marmara University, Social Institute, Accounting, and Finance Program with the thesis "Cost Accounting System in Sunflower Oil Industry" under supervision Prof.Dr.Osman Altuğ. In 2007, she became an associate professor in the field of Accounting and Finance.

She has worked as an auditor in Horwath Auditing Company, a manager in McDonald's, ground handling and finance staff in Havaş Ground Handling Company and Singapore Airlines. After vast experience in the private sector, he has started to work in academia. In 2004, she studied and worked with Prof. David Crowther in London Metropolitan University on Corporate Social Responsibility in Accounting. She is holding CFE, CPE and external auditor titles. she has acted as manager in Havsa Vocational College, Social Graduate School, and head, Business Administration Department. 
Her research interests are in accounting, auditing, fraud, social responsibility, corporate governance, finance, and business ethics, with a special interest in aviation management, NGOs, women rights in business. She has been as visiting researcher in Massachusetts University Amherst Business School, Molson School of Business Management in Montreal Canada, University of National World and Economy in Sofia. She is the founder of the International Group on Governance, Fraud, Ethics and Social Responsibility(IGonGFE&SR) which was founded in 2009. In 2009, she also founded the International Women and Business Group. Both groups organize conferences in different countries in a different school. Prof Caliyurt has published papers, book chapters, and books both nationally and internationally on fraud, social responsibility, ethics, fraud examination, accounting, auditing in Springer and Routledge. 
She is book series editor in Springer with the title Accounting, Finance, Sustainability, Governance & Fraud: Theory and Application, and book series editor in Routledge with the title Women and Sustainable Business. Some book titles: 
Emerging Fraud (with Sam Idowu), 
Corporate Governance: An International Perspective (with Sam Idowu), 
Women and Sustainability in Business: A Global Perspective, 
Sustainability and Management: An International Perspective (with Ulku Yuksel), 
Globalization and Social Responsibility (with David Crowther), 
Regulations and Applications of Ethics in Business Practice (with Dr. Jiang Bian), 
Ethics and Sustainability in Accounting and Finance, Volume I. 
She is acting as member in the editorial board in Journal of Financial Crime, Social Responsibility Journal, International Journal of Law and Management,  Journal of Money Laundering Control. Her articles have been published in Managerial Auditing Journal, SSCI and Social Responsibility Journal, ESCI. Prof Caliyurt is a regular speaker at International Economic Crime Symposium at Jesus College, Cambridge University. She is a partner of Herme Consulting in Trakya University Technopark.


Prof. Dr. Süleyman Gökhan Günay was born in Izmir in 1971. He received  a scholarship from Higher Education Council in 1995 to study in a MBA program in USA after completing his bachelor degree at Dokuz Eylul University in Business Administration in 1994. He studied at Murray State University between 1996-1998 and received his MBA degree. Then he studied at Dokuz Eylul University and received an MS degree in Management and Organization. Besides, after working as a research assistant at Mustafa Kemal University between 1998-2001, Dr. Süleyman Gökhan Günay studied in Business Administration Doctoral Program and worked as a research assistant at Bogazici University between 2001-2007. After receiving his Ph.D. he started to work as member of staff at Trakya University in the Faculty Economics and Administrative Sciences, Business Administration Department, Division of Accounting and Finance in 2007. He visited University of Paris I, Pantheon for post doctoral research in 2009. He received Associate Professor title in  finance major in 2013 and he is entitled as Professor in the same major in 2019.
Dr. Süleyman Gökhan Günay is the cofounder of Bsmart Ltd., which is located at Trakya Technopark. He is also the head of Trakya University Risk Management and Sustainability Research Center. His studies are concentrated in financial management, financial behavior, corporate governance and risk Management.


 currently works as an instructor in the Department of Accounting and Financial Management at Trakya University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Business Management Department. After graduating from Gazi University, Faculty of Vocational Education, Department of Commerce with a degree in Accounting and Business Teaching Program, he worked as a teacher in Ministry of National Education Edirne Provincial Directorate between 1987 and 1993. In 1993, he started working as an instructor in the Department of Accounting and Financial Management at Trakya University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Business Management Department. He received his master's degree from Trakya University, Social Sciences Institute in 1997.

He is responsible for teaching undergraduate courses at Trakya University.



RES. ASSIST. DR. EMİNE SERAP KURT graduated from Private Darüşşafaka High School in 1999. She graduated from Trakya University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration in 2004 with a BA in Business Administration from the same university. After studying in Trakya University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration Accounting and Finance between 2005-2008, she assigned to do doctorate education at Marmara University in 2008. In 2016, she get Accounting-Finance doctorate degree by the thesis named “Integrated Reporting and Its Applicability in Turkey” at Marmara University. She has been working since 2016 at Trakya University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration, Accounting and Finance. Research areas include integrated reporting, corporate reporting, corporate governance, internal control, accounting of derivatives etc. is necessary.

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