Message of Department Chair

Dear students, parents, and stakeholders,

It is a privilege to be a faculty member and student at Trakya University. Our department, which is the most active department of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, has a respectable place in business sciences in the Balkans.
Graduates of the department hold important positions in accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources positions in the different sectors of business world.

Our department is located in Edirne, which is the most important city for oil - rice - cheese - the tourism sector with a 30 minutes distance from the border of Greece and Bulgaria.

Edirne, the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 92 years, at the same time; It is also the center of business, management, finance, accounting, tax and judgment. Edirne libraries are a valuable treasure in this respect and Edirne is one of the most important centers in the world in terms of administrative history. The Department of Business Administration aims to bring out this history through the Balkan Countries Management and Accounting History Conference.

Our university is an outstanding member of Balkan University Association. In this context, the Department of Business Administration closely follows developments in business education in the Balkan and Thrace regions. Our academicians, who hold doctoral degrees from prestigious universities in their field, increase their international publication performances every day and participate in prestigious conferences in their fields.
The students of the Department of Business Administration become a member of our family of Business from the moment they register and after the graduation we continue to be in touch with our colleagues. Throughout the student period, they can always reach out to their academic advisors for their courses, academic development and projects.

In the scope of Erasmus and Mevlana agreements, it has intensive cooperation with Bulgaria, Malaysia, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and has academic cooperation with Canada, America, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and England.

The students of the Department of Business Administration have the opportunity to meet scientific and social activities and practice besides technical education of business science. Founded in 2009, the Accounting Finance Student Community, ACFE Corruption Prevention Student Community, Audit Community have been organizing international conferences every year since its establishment. Our International Conference on Corporate Governance, Fraud, Ethics and Social Responsibility have been held in Edirne, Canada, India, Nevsehir and Alanya since 2009 with the support of our student communities.

The Department of Business Administration is a member of the Association of Advance Colegiate Schools of Business, which accepts only best 4.5% business program worldwide.
You can visit our Business Department to learn more about the training process and the developments in the business world.

Yours truly,

Kıymet Tunca Çalıyurt, Financial Advisor, Corruption Investigation Expert, Independent Auditor
Professor, Accounting and Finance
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