Retired Faculty Members

Title, Name, Surname Department Retirement Date

Assis. Prof. Dr. Sefer GÜMÜŞ Production Management and Marketing 16.08.1999

Assis. Prof. Dr. Güher YAKAR Management and Organization 19.07.2002

Prof. Dr. Aynur AKATA Management and Organization 17.09.2007
Resim Prof. Dr. Sudi APAK Accounting and Finance 29.08.2008
Resim Prof. Dr. Yaşar SUCU Management and Organization 16.03.2009
Resim Prof. Dr. Ali AKDEMİR Management and Organization 15.09.2012
Resim Prof. Dr. Derman KÜÇÜKALTAN Tourism and Hospitality 21.04.2014
Resim Prof. Dr. Erol ULUSOY Commercial Law 20.02.2017
Resim Prof. Dr. Ayşe AKYOL Production Management and Marketing 16.01.2019
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