Sunflower Oil 1st Meeting

A meeting on vegetable oil and sunflower was held on 16.11.2020 with research assistants of the business department, accounting and finance doctoral students and 100/2000 Higher Education Council (YÖK) Doctoral fellows under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Kıymet ÇALIYURT. The following issues were discussed at the meeting;

       - General information was provided within the scope of ESG reporting, Asset4 and GRI reporting, and evaluations were made about the differences and superiorities of the reports.

         - International indexed articles made using the relevant reports were examined.

        - Within the framework of the reviewed reports, information was exchanged about the questions that may be asked within the scope of ESG reporting for vegetable oil businesses.

         - Among the enterprises in the vegetable oil sector, it was decided to examine the firstly companies in Uzunköprü district in the regional scope.

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